Eliza, Installation, 2019

Eliza, Installation, 2019

Eliza, Installation, 2019

Eliza, Installation, 2019

Eliza, Installation, 2019

Eliza, Installation, 2019

Eliza, Installation, 2019IMG_8402Eliza, Installation, 2019Eliza, Installation, 2019

BRAINWASH BIRDBRAIN ASK ELIZA – 2019 Installation, "Toys," Athens Cultural Center, Athens, NY

Who is ELIZA?

ELIZA is the computer program designed by professor Joeseph Weizenbaum at MIT in the late 1960s, considered to be the very first computer program written intentionally to mimic conversation between two humans. ELIZA was the precursor to all interactive artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

“Alexa,” “Siri,” and AMTRAK’S “Julie,” along with the many other excruciating “conversations” one has with an automated response, all owe their beginnings to ELIZA.

Meant as a “toy” or parody system, the ELIZA program (“DOCTOR”) used here in BRAINWASH BIRDBRAIN, was designed to follow the Rogeria psychotherapy structure, where the therapist basically parrots the patient’s questions.

It may be hard to imagine, but when ELIZA was first implemented it was considered revolutionary. Read more >

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Unison Art Center & Sculpture Garden

Composed to Decompose

July 2019 – July 2020

Exhibition Artists:

Allyson Levy • Amanda Heidel • Amy Benedict • Anne-Katrin Spiess •  Arielle Ponder • Beth Haber • Bill Rybak • Christina Nalty • Claudia McNulty • Daniel Totten • Eliza Evans • Hudson Valley Bee Habitat • Ilse Schreiber-Noll • Jan Harrison & Alan Baer • Jebah Baum • Jeffrey Benjamin • Jessica Poser • Joel Olzak • Kathleen Anderson • Laurie Sheridan • Maria Lupo • Matthew Friday • Maxine Leu • Michael Asbill •  Michael McDonough • Mimi Graminski • Nadine May Lewis • Patricia Tinajero, Mary Anne Davis & Kate Farrington • Sam Horowitz • Stuart Bigley, Harold McBride, & Stephen Spencer • Susan Togut • Tasha Depp & Joann Alvis • Zachary Skinner

Unison Arts Sculpture Garden is free to the public and open year-round from dawn until dusk.

Read article: Composed to Decompose




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Painting Exhibition: Hubris


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Taking Root: Caniskek and the Meeting of Two Worlds

“Taking Root: Caniskek and The Meeting of Two Worlds” Reflections upon the 1665 Collision of cultures in the lands of which is now Athens, New York. An investigative mix of art and artifacts.

Exhibition at the Athens Cultural Center | June 6 – July 26, 2015 Designed and Curated by Carrie Feder

24 Second Street, Athens, NY Friday, 4-7 pm Saturday, 2-7 pm Sunday, 1-4 pm or by appointment Call 518 421-3443

Etow Oh Koam, King of the River Nation, by Jan Verlest 1710; The Very Last of the Mohicans,  Claudia McNulty 2012 Latex on paper; 	Kiliaen Van Rensselaer

Etow Oh Koam, King of the River Nation, by Jan Verlest 1710; The Very Last of the Mohicans, Claudia McNulty 2012 Latex on paper; Kiliaen Van Rensselaer

“Taking Root: Caniskek and The Meeting of Two Worlds”, curated by Carrie Feder, opens at the Athens Cultural Center, 24 Second Street, Athens, New York, on June 6th with an opening reception from 6-9 pm. The exhibition will run through July 26th with gallery hours on Fridays: 4 -7 pm, Saturdays: 2 -7 pm and Sundays: 1 – 4 pm or by appointment: call 518 421-3443.

Imagine it is 1665. The place is the wilderness along the banks of the river whose “waters flow both ways.” The native inhabitants are the Mohicans, the newcomers wishing to settle and trade are the Dutch. Exactly 350 years ago a deed was signed for the land the Mohicans called Caniskek, a place that would change forever and evolve into the present day town called Athens, New York. “Taking Root: Caniskek and The Meeting of Two Worlds” is the exhibit which takes this local historical event and uses it as a jumping off point to envision and contemplate the past as well as reassess the immediate world around us. Neither a traditional historical nor a contemporary art exhibition, “Taking Root” employs an unexpected and interdisciplinary approach to the subject matter. Juxtaposing historical artifacts with contemporary art, the exhibit tells the tale of colliding worlds, investigating what the world was like here in 1665 as well as the powerful ideas of exploration, settlement, ownership, loss, culture and destiny…the very concepts which are so much a part of our American journey.

Artists included in the show are: Bob Braine, Matt Bua, Tina Chaden, Dikko Faust: Purgatory Pie Press, Geoff Feder, Jeanette Fintz, Jim Holl, Kahn & Selesnick, Cynthia Karasek, Pat Kaufman, Louise Laplante, Michael McKay, Julie Anne Mann, Michael McKay, Claudia McNulty, Patrick McPhee, Terri O’Connor, Leslie C. Reed, Christy Rupp, Kiki Smith, Crystal Tourtillott and Susan Wides. Excerpts from the written word and recorded background music by members of the Stockbridge – Munsee Community, Band of Mohican Indians will also be included in the exhibition. Several associated programs including panel discussions on related topics are being planned and will be announced.

This exhibition is supported by a grant from the New York Council for the Humanities and made possible (in part) with public funds from the Decentralization Program of the New York State Council on the Arts administered through the Community Arts Grants Program by the Greene County Council on the Arts, Peckham Family Foundation and the Athens Community Foundation.

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Kea's Ark of Newark: Call for Memories, Superfood Opens 4/11, and New Gallery Hours!
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Call for Memories: Kea's Ark of Newark

Gallery Aferro and the Clement A. Price Institute on Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience to Draw on Community Memory to Explore Newark’s Legendary Piece of Public Art

In the 1980s, when popular visions of Newark steered many people clear of the city, visitors arrived from around the globe to see Kea Tawana’s Ark, a three-story wooden boat that rose above the Central Ward. Over 2015-2016, Gallery Aferro and the Clement A. Price Institute on Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience at Rutgers University – Newark will collect oral history interviews with those who knew the Ark, gather relevant archival and press material, and launch an exhibition and public programming to explore the meaning and significance of this quintessential Newark story. More details about our discoveries, events, and offerings will be announced regularly throughout the next two years.

CALL FOR VOICES: The Gallery and Institute seek to capture the complexity of the Ark story and its meanings by interviewing people with memories of it, from those who led the fights for an against it to those who may have just driven by it on their way to work. Anyone wishing to share their own story of the Ark should send a message to or call Mark Krasovic at 973-353-1051

For more information visit or

April 11 – May 23, 2015
Opening Reception April 11, 7-10 PM
Gallery Aferro

The ninth edition of women's art and activism collective_gaia‘s Wonder Women Residency explored Superfood. A generation after the birth of the Kraft cheese single, we turn to the newly fetishized landscape of Superfood. With this in mind, Wonder Women invited artists to reflect on what is Superfood to women in their role in food communities, economies, and families.

Artists: Melissa MacAlpin, Sarah Nelson Wright, Lillian Ribeiro, Kate Eggleston, Cathleen Marie Thérèse Parra, Stephanie Tichenor, Claudia McNulty, Panda Suwann, Alyssa Lawler, Jacquelyn Strycker

For more information visit or

Image credit: Claudia McNulty

Pebble Drinkers Reviewed in Brick City Live
And…..New Gallery Hours!

Jeanne Brasile, independent curator, artist and Director of Seton Hall University’s Walsh Gallery, reviewed Pebble Drinkers at Gallery Aferro for Brick City Live. Read the review here:

We are also delighted to add an additional day to our gallery hours. Gallery Aferro is now open Weds-Sat 12-6.

Image Credit: Corwin Levi


We gratefully acknowledge the support of our funders and the individual donors who make our programs possible: The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State, a Partner Agency of the National Endowment for the Arts, The New Jersey Council for the Humanities, a state partner of the national endowment for the Humanities, and RBH Group
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American Academy of Arts and Letters


At exhibition opening reception with my longtime friend Joan Kron

I recently had the great privilege and honor of being nominated to participate in the American Academy of Arts and Letters 2015 Invitational Exhibition of Visual Arts.

About the Exhibition

January 29, 2015 – Paintings, sculptures, photographs, and works on paper by 40 contemporary artists will be exhibited at the galleries of the American Academy of Arts and Letters on historic Audubon Terrace (Broadway between 155 and 156 Streets) from Thursday, March 12 through Sunday, April 12, 2015. Exhibiting artists were chosen from a pool of over 200 nominees submitted by the members of the Academy, America’s most prestigious honorary society of architects, artists, writers, and composers.

Read News Release >



Two of my paintings at the exhibition; Heavy Metals II and Mary Was a Little Lamb


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Wall Mural Installation

Recently installed wall mural for Mufson Partnership

Location: 435 East 79th Street | New York, NY

The York Apartment Lobby


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Awarded DEC Grant NYS Council on the Arts

After being awarded a grant for an art project based on GMOs from the Decentralization Program of the New York State Council on the Arts, (administered through the Community Arts Grants Fund in Greene County by the Greene County Council on the Arts.) I began research on the issue.  I soon discovered the Sarelini Rat Study  and their documented photos of lab rats that had developed massive tumors as a result of being fed a GMO diet for 2 consecutive years.I adapted these appallingly graphic images for the painted rats on my screen.


Here are the cards

gmo-04 GMOback4

Seralini Rat Study:
Institute for Responsible Technology:
Organic Consumers Association:
Environmental Working Group:
Just Label It:  
LabelGMOs, Genetically Engineered Foods – California’s Grassroots:

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The Nutritionist’s Dilema

front side gmo display



front side gmo display

The Nutritionist's Dilema
A Nutritionist's Musings on the realities of Eaters and Eating

(re-posted from:

Farmer’s markets also always inspire.  This summer, a day trip led me to the Saugerties Farmer’s Market in the beautiful Hudson Valley.  There, beside the wonderful assemblage of growers, bakers and jelly makers I came upon an educational and artistic display about the health effects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food.  Afterward, I kept wondering how did science meet such creative expression, so I traced my way to the work of the person responsible, Claudia McNulty. Claudia is a painter, designer, sculptor and seemingly, environmental activist as well.  Her work is beautiful and thought-provoking.  Claudia has provided some links to very important information through her Corn Porn GMO project.  These include the Seralini GMO Rat Study and a video interview with an MIT scientist on the effects of the increased use of the herbicide RoundUp required by GMO crops.  To appreciate our current health crises, it is essential to understand the influence of GMOs.

But, the earth tenders who most personally influenced my own summer, were my friends Justine and Brian Denison, and their crew, the farmers at Denison Farm, providers of my Community Supported Agriculture share, who not only grew, but also delivered weekly, the amazing produce that graced my own table and fed my family.  There is a film, Radical Roots: Reawakening the Local Food Movement, by Patricia Lane, that features their farm.  It was something captured in this story, that really colored my thoughts  and inspired me through these long sunny days.  I hope it may do the same for you.

So, to all of summer’s tenders who work so hard as stewards of the land and take care to feed us all,  I offer deep and profound thanks, and hope that the fall provides some well deserved rest.  And to summer itself, it is always sad to see you go, but thanks for giving respite from our busy year and for illuminating the ways we can re-route the prevailing flow that permits corporate control of our health and environment.

In health, Elyn 

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